We are pleased when our Dog Pals come for a visit and bring their two legged friends.  Stop by for a cool bowl of water and a treat. We have some big paws to fill now that Heidi, Holly and Gracie have crossed the rainbow bridge.  We will do our best.  Zoey, Morty and Addie

Zoey2 Zoey
Morty Morty
addie Addie
Heidi Heidi
Chairdog of the Board
Burr Ridge, IL and Marco Island, FL
RIP Heidi 2001-2015
Holly Holly
Vice President of Transportation
Fish Creek, WI
RIP Holly 2002-2015
Gracie Gracie
Vice President of Events and Treats
Fish Creek, WI
RIP Gracie 2004 - 2016

PS - Any mistakes are due to human error beyond our control, so please bark and let us know if any thing is misspelled or mislabled.

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